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étang du firmenweiher

A3  Alcohol ink on paper


The next traumatic fishing experience:

We were spending marvelous sunny days in the alsatian mountains (Vosges) at the grand parents house of my friend théo.
With Théo and my other friend Jako we decided we wanted to fish some trouts for dinner.
So we checked online where to catch some, and we discovered this fishing pond in the forest: étang du firmenweiher.
We knew that it was not allowed to fish there without permission, but we did it anyway..
So we fished about 6,7 trouts, it was really easy, and decided then to hide the fishes in a plastic bag behind some trees in case someone comes.
When we came back to the small lake, a fishing inspector was waiting for us, holding my fishing rod, and screaming at us: give me your other fishing rods!
As i was screaming back to give me mine back he took his phone out and phoned to the local police ( gendarmerie).
He yelled in the phone that he suprised some poachers (braconniers, wilderer).

We had no other choice than to run into the forest, leaving the fishes in the plastic bag..
As we were running in the woods we saw a police car coming from the village driving to the fishing pound.
We decided to go barefoot into the icecold river that leads to the grand parents house instead of using the roads so nobody could see us.
We arrived in the dark, frozen and withouts fishes, but we escaped the inspector and the police :)
Poor fishes in the plastic bag...

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